The Machine
By Paul Smith (
Sandra becomes impossibly strong.

Note: This story is only suitable for those over 21 years of age.

"Working late again Sandra?"

A woman of few words, Sandra nodded her head. Expecting no more this, the last of her co-workers, left the building.

It had taken many years of hard work for Sandra Burns to be put in charge of her own project. They were attempting to increase muscle size, density and strength. The project was being funded by the military, although at the moment they had only used the machine on chimpanzees. Sandra had never told anyone the true reason she had been so keen to head the project; she wanted to be strong, so incredibly strong - and muscular as well. Even the thought of being superhumanly strong excited her immensely. Tonight, she was going to try and make that dream a reality.

Sandra walked up to the main control panel used to operate the machine. She flicked the 'ON' switch. A row of panels lit up and hummed into life. She lowered the cursor to the 'muscle density' setting. She changed it from 200% to 400000%. She then moved on to the 'muscle size' value. She altered it from 120% to 350%. Miss Burns turned to the machine in the centre of the room. She knew that this was it - she would come out of this either 14000 times stronger or dead. There was no in-between. Despite the risks, Sandra could not resist this chance to have what she had always wanted - to be unimaginably powerful.

Sandra set the timer to 5 seconds, and clicked on the 'Start' button. She then dashed over the machine, and shut the door behind her. The audible countdown soon reached zero, and the machine started to hum loudly, the volume and pitch slowly increasing. Soon the frequency was to high for a human to hear, and the machine started to glow. Then. with a brilliant flash of light the machine started to wind down and was soon still. Then, the door hissed open and Sandra stepped out. All seemed as it did before. Immediately wanting to test out her new-found strength, she reached down and grabbed a crow-bar from the floor. She held either end and tried to bend it. It didn't move an inch. As she strained, Miss Burns was incredibly disappointed. She was making no headway whatsoever. She also noticed that she was no more muscular than she had been.

The experiment had been a total failure - she was exactly the same as she had been before. It was the best Sandra could do not to cry. Her head hanging low, she left her office and returned to her car for the journey home. As a last ditch attempt, she tried to lift the vehicle. Despite her obvious effort, the car didn't budge an inch. Even more depressed, Sandra unlocked the vehicle, stepped in and drove off.

Sandy drove down the motorway, the streetlights harshly illuminating her body. She was about the turn the radio on when she felt an incredibly strange feeling come over her; a feeling of incredible power, like a thousand orgasms rolled into one - she felt like she was going to climax there and then. Suddenly, there was a sharp ripping sound. Sandra's body was rapidly growing far more muscular - in less than a second, her muscles had doubled in size. Her tits were also growing at a phenomenal rate - originally she had been a C cup, but already she was almost an F! Seconds later the growth stopped. Miss Burns' body was now absolutely incredible - her muscles were almost 4 times larger than they had been, and her breasts were probably a JJ cup! Sandra couldn't believe it - her fantasies had come true!

Miss Burns felt absolutely incredible. She felt so free, so powerful; as if she could achieve anything. There was suddenly the sound of shrieking metal. Amazingly, the steering wheel was oozing out from between her fingers, running like play-doe beneath her grip. The really odd thing, however, was that Sandra wasn't even gripping the steering wheel very tightly, in fact she was barely squeesing it at all. Soon, metal was starting to melt under the incredible pressure, turning red hot, then white hot. Seconds later, it reached 5000 degrees centigrade and started to boil. A fraction of a second later all the metal that had been caught between her fingertips had evaporated completely. The odd thing was that, whilst this phenomenal increase in pressure had been going on, Sandra has actually been trying to hold the steel less tightly. It was as if her strength was still growing, and at an incredible rate!

Being a scientist, Sandra calculated that her strength was increasing 10 fold every second. This does not mean that one second she was 10x stronger, the next she was 20x stronger - her strength was increasing far more rapidly than that. In actual facter her strength went from being 10x stronger one second to 100x stronger the next. Miss Burns realised that she was already as strong as every person on the planet combined - and in the time it had taken her to think that though her strength had increased by a hundred fold. She had never, even in her wildest dreams, imagined being anywhere near as strong as she was now.

The machine had worked far better than could have possibly been expected - aside from the delayed results, the outcome was far better than had been predicted. Not only was her strength totally beyond human comprehension, but her breasts had grown to tremendous size, her bra a long distant memory. Her chest stood proudly out in front of her by at least a foot, possibly more. However, since this was the perfect size, the growth seemed to stop there. In short, Sandra was the finest, most erotic human specimen to ever walk the face of the earth.

Suddenly Sandra noticed smoke coming out from between her legs. Amazingly, her buttocks were accidentally squeesing together so tightly that the leather was burning due to the incredible heat. Sandra desperately tried to relax her buns enough for their heavily muscled form to stop vaporising the leather, but her strength was increasing far, far too quickly. As her strength increased another thousand fold, the remains of the leather was instantly vaporised, despite the fact that, as far as Sandra was concerned, her buttocks were completely relaxed. A couple of seconds later, Sandra could finally feel that her strength had finally stopped increasing. She was now about a billion times stronger than the entire population of the planet. She was easily capable of exerting more power than an H-bomb with just a flick of her wrist.

Sandra realised she wanted to try out her new-found strength - to feel her awesome muscles at work. She pressed her feet downwards. The inch-thick iron chassis of the car didn't stand a chance. Her feet ripped through it more easily than wet tissue paper, and her feet instantly embedded themselves in the tarmarc. Sandra instantly came to a complete standstill. The car did not. Miss Burns could just about feel the car as it buckled against her superhuman body. The steel folded against her smooth skin like paper. Within seconds, the car was reduced to a useless twisted heap of metal. Sandra lifted her muscle-packed arms from her sides tearing apart the car which enveloped her like it wasn't even there. In front of the busty amazon was a gym.

"This is going to be fun," thought Sandra.

She turned to face the gym and started to march forwards. Her movement felt totally effortless, as if she had become lighter than air. Miss Burns suddenly realised that she seemed much closer to the ground than normal. She looked down at her feet. No wonder she seemed shorter than she had been before - her feet were buried at least two foot into the tarmac. Sandra looked behind her. Her awesome body had carved a trench through the road; she hadn't even noticed the pathetic resistance (ie. about 50 tonnes) that the tarmac had offered. Sandra gracefully stepped out of the trench, still marvelling at the fantastic strength she now possessed.

Seconds later, Sandra was at the door to the gym. The door was unlocked, so Sandra decided not to use it. Instead, she turned to face the large solid steel girder beside the door. Then, she walked straight through it. Once again, Miss Burns could not feel the resistance the 10 inch thick steel had offered. She was in the locker room.

"Let's see what else this new body can do," thought Sandra.

Sandra tossed aside what reminded of her clothes, swept back her hair, and stepped into the sauna. The male sauna. She had an instant and very noticable effect. Within seconds, every man in the room had the hardest erection of his entire life. Sandra started to rub her hands up her glorious body, as sweat started to trickle down her finely honed physique. Her chest was probably about 100 inches around, and was incredibly pert. She had a healthy tan over her entire body, and her muscles were simply incredible. Her buttocks were rock solid, packed with super-dense muscle, casually squeesing together with billions of tonnes of force even now they were relaxed. Her biceps flexed as she ran her hands over her ample breasts, her hands barely covering a tenth of her fantastic bust. As her biceps flexed, they inflated to incredible proportions, becoming far, far harder than diamond, but yet looking so incredibly feminine. One by one Miss Burns heard every single man in the room climax, every one of their faces turning beetroot red with embarassment. Sweat dripping from her body, Sandra left the sauna. She headed for the weight room, to give her body a 'workout'.

As Sandra's sensational body entered the weight room, all eyes turned to watch her, including the women's. Sandra to toy with them for a bit, before revealing the true magnitude of her strength. She strode over to the free weight rack and began loading up weights. She was very careful not to crush the lead beneath her fingertips.

She loaded up the heaviest weights she could find - each disc weighing in at 500 pounds. She added as many as she could fit on the bar. In total, the huge dumbell now weighed 20,000 pounds. A man turned to her and said:

"Lady, how do you possibly expect to lift that much? That must weight almost 10 tonnes!"

"I intend to do much more than just LIFT it," replied Sandra.

She reached out with a single hand and grasped the bar lightly. She held her arm out directly in front of her - by far the most difficult lifting angle.

"W-What? Lifting it like that's gotta make it at least 10 times harder! There's simply no way you can do that!" shrieked the man.

Sandra simply smiled, placed her hand underneath the massive weight palm down.

"W-WHAT!!?? That's going to make it a coupla times harder still!!"

Sandra retracted all her fingers, except her little finger.

"FUCK OFF LADY!! You're pulling my fuckin' leg!"

With that, Sandra casually lifted the 10 tonne weight like it was made of air. The way she was lifting it made it at least 200 times harder. In effect, she was lifting almmost 2000 tonnes. There was a thump as the man fell to the passed out and fell to the floor.

"Shame," breathed Sandra, "You're going to miss the REALLY impressive bit."

With that, she easily rotated the vast dumbell so that it was pointed towards her. Then, she casually pressed against her awesome body, all the time smiling at the onlookers. They simply stared back in dumfounded amazement. With no effort whatsoever, Miss Burns muscular physique made the dense lead buckle against her stunning body. The metal folded like tin foil. Soon, Sandra had forced virtually all of the metal against her body. She heard several more thumps as some onlookers fainted. As a finale, Miss Burns began to press her hand against the lead slightly harder. The metal was trapped between her unstoppable hands and her equally hard breasts, so it did the only thing it could do - it slowly oozed out from beneath Sandra's slender fingers. Soon, the metal was oozing out from between her fingertips like melted butter, only it offered Miss Burns much less resistance than that. The last of the onlookers passed out. Seconds later, Sandra had totally obliterated the vast lead weight, without really exerting herself.

"Fuck me!" she thought, "This body's absolutely amazing!"

She reached down for the sturdy weight rack in front of her. As she lightly gripped the toughened metal, the room was filled with the sound of shrieking metal. The 2 inch thick steel was buckling beneath the slightest touch of her fingertips! Then Sandra used her impossibly firm grip to lift the rack from the ground. With a single hand she effortlessly ripped apart the thick metal bolts that clamped the object to the concrete floor. If it hadn't been for the incredible noise it was making, Miss Burns wouldn't have even noticed that she was tearing apart solid steel!

Now that the 5 tonne rack had been torn from its foundations, Sandra held it in front of her. She placed a hand on either end of the 4 foot long structure. Once again the gym was filled with the sound of squealing metal as Miss Burns casually twisted the metal like she was folding laundry. Huge steel rods started to stretch and burst apart, wrent asunder by her immense strength. 4 inch thick solid steel rods were compressed, buckling up like tin foil under the tens of thousands of tonnes of pressure Sandra was so easily exerting. It wasn't even a struggle for her. Very soon, she had folded the steel weight rack (still with several tonnes of weight on it) over on itself like it had been made of paper.

Next, Sandra stretched her muscle-packed arms around the twisted chunk of metal and gently began to squeese them together. The noise of steel being distorted was deafening. Miss Burns couldn't feel the resistance as she exerted literally hundreds of thousands of tonnes of brute force. Metal was forced to buckle against metal as Sandra continued to squeese her arms closer and closer together. She squeesed the reinforced steel like a giant tube of toothpaste, crumpling up at her command. As her hands moved inexorably closer together the steel was forced to flow like treacle until Sandra's arms met one another, totally slicing the chunk of metal in half. The two pieces smashed to earth, reducing the toughened wooden floorboard to splinters as if it were made of matchsticks.

As Sandra surveyed the room she realised that there wasn't enough weight in the whole building to tax her in the slightest.

"Hmm.." she poundered, "I wonder if the building itself would prove a challenge?"

Sandra marched towards the entrance the building, enjoying the feeling of the foot thick steel flowing against her erect teats as she powered through it like water. Once she was outside, she stepped down into the casm she had accidentally made in the tarmac earlier, and crouched down on her haunches. Her muscular buns became quadrillions of times harder than steel as they gently flexed and Sandra smoothly forced her hands into the crumpled tarmac. Then, with no effort, she began to stand up. The gym shook violently, along with all the ground within a 50 metre radius. The unconcious people inside were awoken by the 'earthquake' and fled from the building. Very soon, the building was deserted.

Sandra could her the sound of dozens of trees being ripped apart at their roots, combined with the concrete foundations of the gym shattering under the enormous stress. All of this was combined with the sound mud ripping apart and rocked being shattered like they were made of sand. The cacophony was deafening. Despite all the destruction Miss Burns was unleashing, she stil wasn't straining. Her mighty abs rippled as they easily exerting the billion tonnes of raw power necessary to tear nearly a quarter of a million square metres of earth from the face of the planet. Very soon, Miss Burns was holding the hundred million tonne mass of mud, rock and mortar above her head so efforlessly that her immense, clearly-defined biceps barely even flexed under the incomprehensible weight.

Revelling the sensations she got from exerting herself in this way, Sandra had an explosive orgasm, tossing aside the huge slab of earth like it wasn't even there. It shot off at a few million kilometres per hour, leaving earth orbit in seconds. Miss Burns had just accidentally exerted 8 trillion tonnes of raw strength. Given that she was capable of exerting SIX HUNDRED QUADRILLION tonnes, a mere 8 trillion wasn't really much of a strain.

"God!" she thought, "I love being super!"

The End.